Photo3.0 is an Italian reality in the creation and sale of fine art prints, subjects are designed for an audience looking for artistic images and attentive to culture evolutions. Of course, the basic principle is the originality of style that stands out and features a photo of P30.it. Photo3.0 is a registered trademark, all the photographs on its site www.p30.it are made by Gianluca Nicoli founder, administrator and photographer.



Gianluca Nicoli

Founder, director and photographer of Photo3.0 begins his artistic career in 2000. He graduated from high school a few years later and attended the professional photography course at the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti (Florence). First traveler and photographer, in a constant search for balance in his works, between respect for the rules and breaking of the compositional schemes, emphasizing above all the importance in the image of shapes, colors and shadows. He debuted in the world of fine art photography in 2013 with the trademark Photo3.0, in his stylistic research inspired by different artists and modern and contemporary movements.



Rome june 2017 – Collective

Florence july 2017 – Collective

Rome december 2017 – Collective

New York april 2018 – Collective

Parma Art Fair september 2018 – Personal

Parma november 2019 – Collective

Parma december 2019 – Personal


Artist Rating

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Artistic thought and style

I use photography to find a balance between darkness and light, accentuating the intensity of warm and cold colors in contrast with the depth of dark backgrounds. I always try to bring this balance to the maximum tension precisely to represent the opposite effects that are created, using different shapes, materials, techniques.