Terms and Conditions

General Sale Condition

Nuova Nicol S.r.l General Terms of Sale for Online Purchases on the website www.p30.it    

Last updated: 3 January 2021


1) General notes

All sales made by Nuova Nicol S.r.l., with registered and administrative office in Calderara di Reno (BO), Via Ferrovia 2/A – 40012, a limited liability company, with share capital of EUR 110,000. fully paid in, Bologna Business Registry and Tax Code no. 02675501205, VAT no. 02675501205 (hereinafter “Nuova Nicol”) using the online procedures on the website www.p30.it (“Site”), shall be governed by the version of these Terms of Sale (“Terms”) posted on the Site at the time of the purchase order referred to in the article below, as well as the provisions of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, as amended), and regulations concerning electronic commerce (Legislative Decree no. 70/2003, as amended).


2) Order Procedure and Purchase Agreement

2.1 –The Customers may purchase any and all products from the website that are or will be identified and listed in the “Shop” section of the Site (“Products”), at the prices stated therein at the time of the order (“Purchase Order”); the Purchase Order will be issued exclusively by the specific online order procedure used by the “Shop” section on the website (Order Procedure), which will also allow the customer to enter all data for electronic correspondence, billing and delivery, as well as provide a detailed breakdown of the delivery costs that are completely at the customer’s expense.

2.2 – The Customer acknowledges that the Order Procedure may be completed by sending the Purchase Order to Nuova Nicol only after the customer has made the corresponding payment, which may only be done by means of:

following the instructions set out in the Procedure; the Customer also acknowledges that the Purchase Order shall be deemed to have been properly sent only when the Site does not indicate any errors in the procedure, except for the data entered by the customer in the fields for electronic correspondence, billing and delivery, which cannot be detected by the system.

2.3 – The Purchase Agreement between Nuova Nicol S.r.l. and the Customer is deemed to be in place from the moment Nuova Nicol S.r.l.  receives the Purchase Order, provided that it fully meets the conditions of the “Shop” section of the website; following receipt of the Purchase Order, Nuova Nicol will send the customer an electronic order confirmation (“Order Confirmation”) to the e-mail address supplied by the customer, summarizing the contents and the price of purchase and data provided by the customer for delivery and invoicing, the order number (hereinafter “order number”), the data provided by the customer for delivery, invoicing and the electronic delivery of the invoice, will be processed by Nuova Nicol S.r.l. in accordance with the provisions of legislation on the protection of personal data, as specified in the relevant section of the Site, for which the customer shall retain ultimate responsibility for notifying Nuova Nicol S.r.l. within 24 hours of any corrections, it being hereby understood that any changes to the delivery address will result in a change of the delivery costs charged to the customer.


3) Delivery

3.1 – Nuova Nicol S.r.l. will deliver the products purchased by the customer to the address indicated by means of specially appointed carriers (hereinafter “Carriers”); the Customer hereby acknowledges that the delivery date indicated by the Order Procedure is merely indicative and does not place any liability on Nuova Nicol S.r.l., who shall also be held harmless in all cases of delays or non-delivery caused by events, acts, facts and unforeseeable circumstances at the time each individual Purchase Agreement is made, that are unavoidable and in any case beyond the control of Nuova Nicol S.r.l.  (e.g.: strikes, riots, natural disasters, etc.).

3.2 – Upon delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to check that the packaging is intact and clean and that the Products received correspond to the information on the Purchase Order and Order Confirmation. In all cases of visible defects, such as damaged packaging, mistakes with the Products and/or respective quantities, Nuova Nicol S.r.l. requests that the Customer or a trusted person acting on his/her behalf report this on the shipping document and immediately notify Nuova Nicol S.r.l. using the methods set out in the “Contact” section of the Site.


4) Communication:

All communication should be sent to Nuova Nicol S.r.l. using the contact channels listed in the “Contact” section of the Site, providing the Order Number referred to in Art. 2.3 above.


Return Policy

Nuova Nicol S.r.l Right to Cancel for Online Purchases on the website www.p30.it

Last updated: 3 February 2016


Right to Cancel

If the customer is a “consumer”, as defined in Article 3 of the Italian Consumer Code, he/she is entitled to the rights set out in Art. 52 and following of the Consumer Code, as amended by Legislative Decree 21 of 21 Feb. 2014, and therefore he has the right to terminate the Purchase Agreement (hereinafter the “Right to Cancel”) for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, in the manner set out below.
In the case of products, the cancellation period expires after fourteen (14) days from the day on which the consumer or a third party indicated by the consumer other than the carrier acquires physical possession of the product(s) (hereinafter the “Cancellation Period”).

The right to Cancel is exercised by sending – before the expiry of the Cancellation Period indicated above – a cancellation notice (hereinafter the “Return Form”) by regular mail addressed to:
Nuova Nicol S.r.l

Via Ferrovia 2/A

40012 Calderara di Reno (BO)

Phone: +393356762542
The Return Form may also be sent – within the same Cancellation Period indicated earlier – by e-mail to the following address: shop@p30.it. The Return Form must specify the intention to cancel the purchase and the product or products for which it intends to exercise the right to cancel. In order to facilitate the exercise of the Right to Cancel, Nuova Nicol has prepared a Return Form for its Consumers to use. Download the ” Return Form” https://p30.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Modulo-recesso-p30-EN-UK.pdf Following correct exercise of the Right to cancel, as set forth in Art. 52 and following of the Consumer Code previously mentioned, Nuova Nicol will forward the Consumer a Claim Number by E-MAIL. The Consumer must indicate this Number when returning the product(s) (hereinafter the “Return”). The Return of the product(s) must take place within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the consumer gave notice of his/her decision to cancel, pursuant to Art. 52 of the Italian  Consumer Code mentioned above. The stipulated period will be deemed to have been honoured, if the consumer sends back or returns the product(s) pertaining to the Cancellation before the end of the 14-day period. The Consumer may return the product(s) directly to Nuova Nicol S.r.l. or make arrangements for them to be shipped.
Nuova Nicol hereby reminds its Consumers that the shipping costs for the return of the product(s) pertaining to the Cancellation shall be borne by the Consumer and that the Return is the sole responsibility of the Consumer. Moreover, Nuova Nicol hereby reminds its Consumers to check that the product(s) pertaining to the Cancellation is/are intact and in normal condition, placed in the original package, complete with all parts (including packaging and any documentation) before making the Return. Nuova Nicol further reminds its Consumers that, in the event of a Cancellation exercised within 24 hours from the date of the signing of the Purchase Agreement, the Consumer shall not be responsible for the expenses for the return of the product(s) pertaining to the Cancellation.

If the Right to Cancel has been properly exercised in accordance with Art. 52 and following, Nuova Nicol shall reimburse the Consumer the full amount paid, including shipping charges within fourteen (14) days from the day it receives notice of the Consumer’s intention to cancel the Purchase Agreement. The amount will be refunded to the Consumer using the same means of payment used by the Consumer for the initial transaction, unless otherwise requested by the Consumer and provided that the Consumer does not incur any fees as a result of the reimbursement. Pursuant to Art. 56 of the Italian Consumer Code as amended by Legislative Decree No. 21/2014, Nuova Nicol reserves the right to withhold the refund until it has received the product(s) or until the Consumer has provided proof of having sent the product(s), depending on which situation occurs first.